Real-Time Telemetry for Automatic Distribution

Published on 09/10/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Real-Time Telemetry for Automatic Distribution

Telemetry is a technology that has revolutionised many industries, and its application in vending and dispensing machines has driven the evolution towards a more intelligent and efficient approach known as Smart Vending. This innovation has enabled the integration of electronic devices and communication systems into these machines, providing real-time data on their operation and performance. Data telemetry has resulted in a significant change in the way self-service machines are managed and operated.

What is Telemetry and how does it work in Vending Machines?

Telemetry is a system for monitoring and remotely transmitting data used to gather precise and detailed information about various variables in real-time. In the context of vending machines, superautomatic coffee machines or tobacco machines, telemetry is employed to capture and transmit essential data about inventory, sales, stock levels, maintenance and other operational aspects. This is achieved by installing sensors or connectivity devices in the machines, that send relevant data to a centralised management system.

The telemetry process in automatic distribution machines is highly effective. In the case of Orain, its IoT Payments Pro devices integrated into the machine constantly monitor variables such as the quantity of products sold, stock levels, maintenance alerts and other important events. This data is transmitted in real-time to a database and subsequently, the information is processed and presented on a dashboard accessible to the operators or machine owners.

Benefits of Telemetry in Vending or Coffee Machines:

  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Telemetry provides a real-time view of inventory, allowing operators to track stock levels accurately, preventing lost sales due to depleted products, and ensuring that the most popular products are always available to consumers.
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • By constantly monitoring machine status, telemetry can detect maintenance issues before they become major failures. This enables advanced planning and reduces machine downtime.
  • Route Optimisation
  • Telemetry helps optimise supply routes for those operators with multiple vending machines. By knowing real-time inventory levels at each location, operators can plan more efficient routes and reduce transportation costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • With telemetry, operators can tailor the product range based on customer preferences and demands at specific locations, providing a more satisfying experience for consumers and ultimately increasing sales.
  • User Loyalty and New Customer Acquisition
  • Real-time data collection through telemetry enables the creation of personalised campaigns and promotions based on user purchasing habits, increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • Cost Reduction and Revenue Increase
  • Improved efficiency, inventory management and proactive maintenance lead to reduced operating costs. Additionally, by maximising sales opportunities and minimising losses, telemetry contributes to increased recurring revenue per point of sale.
  • 24/7 Real-time Information Availability
  • The ability to access real-time data provides a significant competitive advantage. Operators can make informed decisions quickly and effectively, improving agility and responsiveness.

Real-time telemetry has transformed the self-service machine industry, including vending machines, superautomatic coffee machines and dispensing machines, among others, providing smarter and more efficient management of these devices.

Among the benefits provided by Orain IoT Payments Pro devices, including optimised inventory management, proactive maintenance, improved customer experience and revenue growth. Telemetry has become an essential tool for operators in this field. Orain’s payment systems, offering real-time telemetry, stand out as a leading solution in the industry, driving efficiency and profitability in the field of automated distribution. Our team will help you to solve any doubts about Orain devices with real-time telemetry, you can send an email to [email protected] or call +34 900 732 001.

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