About us

Orain is revolutionising the micropayment sector in physical environments by providing an intelligent 360-degree solution to ensure that businesses do not lose value on small transactions. In addition to offering a Plug & Play system, easy installation, with no need for technical knowledge, drilling holes or modifying the machine.

Our goal is to create and provide innovative, optimised, sustainable and secure tools, adapted to a wide variety of environments. These tools facilitate payment digitalisation, improved machine management, a unique user experience and the creation of new business opportunities.

Orain is present in a wide variety of sectors, such as hospitality industry, vending, coffee service, service stations, laundromats, car parks, sports facilities, photocopiers, and electric chargers, among others.

  • bulletEstablished in 2016, Orain operates in several markets throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East
  • bulletWe serve over 1,000 customers with thousands of points of sale
  • bulletWe generate more than 20 million transactions each year, handling payments of millions of euros
  • bulletOur user retention rate is above 40% on most days of the month

About us About us