ORAIN TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. with Tax Identification Number (N.I.F.) B-66.611.773, is a Spanish company, registered in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona (Registro Mercantil de Barcelona), Volume 45229, Folio 180, Page B-483361, 1st entry (hereinafter, "Orain"). This company owns the domain name and the Orain mobile application (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Website”).



Carretera de Molins 79A, Nave 3
08191 - Rubí
Barcelona, España
Phone: +34 938097629
Email: [email protected]


What is ORAIN?

ORAIN is a mobile application that creates a seamless link between machine and user, allowing the latter to make purchases from linked self-service machines in a quick and easy way (hereinafter, the “APPLICATION”).. 

Users with the APPLICATION connect to the linked self-service machines via Bluetooth or via the Internet. Once connected, users have access to the individual chat of each machine and to all the ORAIN’s functionalities, which are detailed further below.

By downloading this APPLICATION on your mobile device, such as a smartphone, you will be able to access ORAIN’s services that will allow you to pay with your mobile phone in those linked self-service machines, without the need to use a credit card.

To access an APPLICATION, the user must identify themselves by entering a username and password, or use the registration systems provided by Facebook, Google or Apple.

ORAIN reserves the right to remove, limit or prevent access to the APPLICATION for objectively justified reasons related to security or suspicion of unauthorised or fraudulent use. It also reserves the right to withdraw the APPLICATION from the market when it deems appropriate and without prior notice to USERS.

The USER undertakes to use the services and content provided through the APPLICATION in accordance with the current legislation applicable to each of them, to the principles of good faith and to generally accepted practices. Any use for illicit purposes or purposes that may harm or disrupt in any way the use and normal operation of the APPLICATION is prohibited.

Any use for purposes contrary to the content of this Legal Notice, harmful to the interests or rights of third parties, or which in any way may damage, render inaccessible or deteriorate the APPLICATION, its contents or its services, or prevent normal enjoyment of the same by users, is prohibited.

Likewise, the user agrees, provided that their security and accessibility to make purchases at any time through their wallet is guaranteed, that ORAIN may dispose of the funds available in the wallet at any time.

ORAIN uses a supplier as the payment platform of the APPLICATION, understanding as such the software, technology, and other tangible and intangible elements that comprise it. Therefore, and without prejudice to ORAIN's responsibility as a payment service provider, the customer acknowledges and accepts that ORAIN depends entirely and exclusively on the provider to be able to provide the service.

How to use ORAIN to pay at a self-service machine?

Once the User has downloaded the APPLICATION and completed the registration process, he/she will access the ORAIN environment where he/she will be able to find out if there are ORAIN-compatible machines around him/her.

If the APPLICATION detects ORAIN machines, the user will be able to interact with them by clicking on each one. At this moment, a communication channel will be established between the User and the machine that will allow, among other things, to make purchases, resolve any type of incident, send suggestions, and receive promotions or communications. All of this will be done through chat dialogues and associated buttons.

Before making a purchase, the User must top up their own wallet using a credit or debit card. It is also possible to recharge the wallet with cash by connecting with the machine and inserting the money into it.

Duration of the Service

ORAIN’S service is offered indefinitely and at no cost to the customer as long as the User uses the Application on a recurring basis.

The user may unsubscribe at any time and with immediate effect, without prejudice to the settlement and payment of any pending transactions. This process may be carried out through the APPLICATION itself.

The User may request a refund of the balance by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject "Balance Refund". In the body of the email, the user's identification, and the reason for which he/she wishes to withdraw the balance shall be provided. From that moment, ORAIN will transfer the request to an evaluation committee that will respond within a maximum of 7 business days. If the refund is accepted, ORAIN will have 30 business days to make the payment.

For its part, ORAIN may, as a service fee for inactivity, consolidate in its favour the amount in Euros of the value resulting from multiplying the number of months of inactivity by 3.40 on the funds in the wallet during the months of inactivity and with a maximum value equivalent to the total of the funds that the user had available but inactive in its wallet for a period longer than 6 months.

Likewise, ORAIN will consolidate in its favour all the funds that a user has in his/her wallet when it is impossible to refund them, either because:

(i) The user is disabled. A user will be considered disabled after 1 year since he/she has not made any transaction in his/her wallet.  

(ii) The credit card or current account to which the payment of the funds should be reversed does not exist.


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ORAIN reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions by giving prior notice of such modification through the email registered by the user or by means of a notification or communication in the Application. Such modifications will also be published on ORAIN’s website.


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