Boost Sales and Enhance the Shopping Experience in your Laundry with the Orain Payment and Management System

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Forget about cash management in your laundry with Orain’s contactless payment systems. Save time and money by offering a variety of services and payment methods to your customers, elevating their shopping experience Self-service laundries are undergoing a digital shift thanks to contactless payment systems. These solutions not only speed up the laundry process but also provide substantial benefits for both operators and users.

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Offices, factories & gyms

USE: A unified ecosystem for managing all self-service laundry points of sale


  • Digitalise payments at traditional points of sale
  • Enhance the customer shopping experience
  • Boost business revenue and minimise cash handling

OUTCOME: An improved shopping experience in self-service laundries, time savings, increased revenue, and the ability to offer an expanded selection of personalised products and services.

Orain’s Contactless Payment Systems will Revolutionise the shopping Experience in your Laundromat

Orain payment systems are reshaping the way self-service laundries operate, not only simplifying the laundry experience but also boosting operational efficiency and overall satisfaction. Find out how Orain’s contactless payment solutions can enhance the shopping experience in laundromats:

Offices, factories & gymsOffices, factories & gyms

Self-service coffee machines

Self-service coffee machines

Vending machine

Vending machine



Washing machines

Washing machines
Advantages of integrating Orain’s contactless payment system into self-service laundries

Orain’s contactless payment systems remove the need for cash handling cash and make the invoicing process more efficient. Operators can cut costs associated with cash management, optimise daily operations and bolster business performance.


The swiftness and ease of contactless payments draw more customer flow and raise the frequency of laundromat usage. This can lead to more revenue per machine and overall business growth. Furthermore, it offers additional self-service benefits such as snack vending machines, ironing services, and vending machines stocked with cleaning supplies, among other things.


Orain’s contactless payment systems reduce cash payment incidents and feature an automatic incident resolution mechanism through the Orain App chat, allowing direct communication between the customer and operator. This cuts down on machine downtime and ensures a seamless shopping experience for users.


The Orain dashboard offers operators a real-time snapshot of transactions, revenues, and customer purchasing behaviours, aiding in decision-making and laundry activities optimization.


Orain’s contactless payments streamline the payment process in laundromats. Customers can pay by simply tapping their bank card, NFC tag, or mobile device using Apple Pay and Google Pay on the payment terminal. The Orain mobile app also enables customers to pay, manage their accounts, top up their balance and access promotions directly from their mobile devices.

Step into the digital era of laundries with Orain’s contactless and mobile payments.

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