Manage Contactless Payments comprehensively at Service Stations with Orain

Published on 14/03/2024 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Manage Contactless Payments comprehensively at Service Stations with Orain

Our main goal over the years has been to offer comprehensive 360º smart solutions, such as contactless management and payment systems, to businesses with the aim of helping them capitalize on their customers' microtransactions. These types of small transactions frequently occur at service stations and gas stations. By implementing the innovative solutions we propose, we can increase revenue through contactless payments, enhance the user experience, and optimize the use of available machines and services.

Following the example of gas stations and service stations, how can we create a unified payment ecosystem for this type of business?

How to Build a Digital Payment Ecosystem at Service Stations and Petrol Stations with Orain 

First and foremost: Orain payment solutions can be installed at any point of sale, enabling the development of a unique contactless payment ecosystem. In this particular case, it could be installed in these areas:

  • Car wash tunnels or self-service car wash stations
  • Car vacuum service stations
  • Self-service coffee machines located within rest areas
  • Snacks and Drinks Vending machines
  • Air compressors for checking tire pressure
  • Electric car charging points
  • Tobacco vending machines

This alternative works in service areas where there are no staff to assist customers and payments are made automatically. These systems are known as unattended payment terminals and they are efficient, secure, personalised and fast.

With Orain payment systems you’ll increase cashless sales and cross loyalty at all your points of sale: car washes, refuelling stations, car wash tunnels, tire inflation, vending machines, tobacco machines, tire air compressors, automatic coffee machines and electric car charging points.

Now, let's explore the types of solutions and products we offer our clients to help them grow their business and maximize their potential.

  • The Orain App, a mobile payment virtual wallet that can be recharged in different ways: with cash, bank cards, via Google Pay, and even with Apple Pay. One of the great advantages of this format is that it enables the execution of campaigns and various promotions aimed at both retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones.
  • The Orain IoT Payments Pro device, which enables NFC payments, bank card payments, mobile payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay and QR payments using external applications. A waterproof and rugged device for outdoor use.
  • With the same device it is also possible to pay with NFC tags, including NFC loyalty cards that can be top-up with cash or bank cards.

These versatile options are integrated with the Orain management system, which we'll tell you about below. Keep reading!

Advantages and features of the Orain integrated payment management system

With the payment device we also offer an integrated payment management system. One of the great advantages of this option is its compatibility with all points of sale and with other ERPs systems in the sector.

From any business perspective, one of the most important aspects nowadays is translating payment volume into data, this data that can be used to improve the service being provided. This is now possible thanks to real-time telemetry that analyses data individually by machine, user and location. Moreover, the Orain dashboard also facilitates direct communication between the customer and the provider, making incident resolution instantaneous.

Final considerations that we would like to share:

  • Enables the digitisation of any service station in just one step
  • Automated incident and refund resolution
  • No initial investment required
  • Managed through flat rate contracting
  • No transaction fees
  • No integration and negotiation costs with banks

If you would like more information about installing Orain payment systems in your service station, car wash or petrol station, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] and we will be happy to talk to you to solve all your doubts.

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