Revolutionizing Payments: Orain IoT Payments Lite for Recurring Environments

Published on 02/10/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Revolutionizing Payments: Orain IoT Payments Lite for Recurring Environments

In an increasingly digitised world, convenience and agility in payment processes have become crucial to improve the customer experience. In this context, Orain IoT Payments Lite emerges as an innovative solution that redefines the way users transact at self-service machines in recurring environments. From snack vending machines and coffee machines to smart refrigerators, this payment device offers a unique combination of features that optimise both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the Orain IoT Payments Lite device

Simplified and Fast Payments with the Orain App

One of the most outstanding features of the Orain IoT Payments Lite device is its payment system with the intuitive Orain App. This feature allows customers to make payments directly from their mobile devices, recharging the virtual Wallet with a bank card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, all through the Orain mobile app. This versatility of payment options not only brings convenience to the customer, but also opens the door to greater financial inclusion.

Plug & Play: Hassle-free installation

Simplicity is key to the user experience, and Orain IoT Payments Lite understands this perfectly. Its universal format makes it compatible with EXE, MDB and validator protocols, and the Plug & Play installation system requires no drilling of holes or modification of machines, which means that the transition to this payment solution is quick and hassle-free.

Integration with External Platforms and Data Telemetry

The Orain IoT Payments Lite device not only simplifies payments; it also transforms operations management. Data telemetry provides valuable information on transaction performance and customer behaviour by point of sale, enabling informed decision making. In addition, the ability to integrate with external platforms, including the industry's most popular ERPs, ensures seamless data and process management.

Maximum Shopping Experience

The focus on customer experience is one of the main features of the Orain IoT Payments Lite device. The marketing and support modules offer savings in time and money, as well as maximum user satisfaction. From automatic resolution of refunds and incidents to personalised promotions and campaigns, the communication between the user and the provider is more agile and effective than ever. All this is possible with the integration with the Orain dashboard that allows to automate tasks such as refunds or promotions.

User benefits for using the Orain Mobile App

The Orain mobile App is completely free and allows users to request refunds, automatically resolve incidents, consult and download their movements and invoice history, communicate directly with the supplier via chat, receive promotions and personalised discounts, as well as having a quick and easy mobile payment system at those points of sale where Orain devices are installed.

What does the Basic Monthly Fee of the Orain IoT Payments Lite device include?

The basic monthly fee for the Orain IoT Payments Lite device includes the physical device with mobile payment system, basic alarms, basic dashboard, promotions, campaigns and customer support module. A comprehensive offer that guarantees a complete user experience for both end customers and operators.

The Ideal payment device for Recurring Environments

Orain IoT Payments Lite is the perfect device for recurring environments such as offices with vending machines, snack vending machines and coffee machines. Its focus on efficiency, customer experience and intelligent integration make this device an indispensable tool to improve the management of payments and operations in these environments.

In short, Orain IoT Payments Lite represents a new era in digital payments, bringing simplicity, versatility and automation to recurring environments. It is set to change the way we interact with vending machines and similar systems in the near future.

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