Orain closes a €3,000,000 round of funding

Published on 15/05/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Orain closes a €3,000,000 round of funding

This investment will allow us to strengthen our structure and meet the growing market demand for micropayments, accelerating growth nationally and internationally. Orain is positioned as a leader in the micropayment market and our future plans are to respond to the important and growing digitalisation of payment systems in the market.

Orain and our success in the micropayment market

Since Orain’s foundation in 2016, we have experienced significant growth thanks to our focus on electronic payment solutions for low-value transactions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that enable the digitisation of micropayments without compromising customers' profitability on every purchase. In addition, we have revolutionised the market by offering customers digital payment solutions without initial investment, thanks to a business model based on a monthly subscription

The funding round and the investors

This funding round of 3 million euros has been successfully closed under the leadership of the reference fund, Bonsai Partners. Other prominent investors, such as Actyus and Enrique Domínguez — founder of ElParking among other successful initiatives — as well as existing investors, were involved as well.

This investment will allow us to strengthen our structure and increase technology investment to expand into new segments, broaden our product offerings, and continue to be a benchmark for innovation in payment technologyes.

The increasing digitisation of payment systems

In recent years, consumer habits have changed dramatically, prioritising the use of mobile devices and credit or debit cards over cash. This has driven the need for digitisation in sectors that were unable to do so before due to the high fees applied to low-value payments. Sectors such as vending, service stations and hospitality are undergoing constant transformation to adapt to new consumer habits.

According to a report by PwC Spain, electronic transactions are expected to grow by 82% between 2020 and 2025, and by 61% between 2025 and 2030 globally. Moreover, most users say they would be willing to shop more frequently if they had the option to pay with digital methods. This highlights the growing importance of the digitisation of payment systems and the key role we at Orain play in this process.

Impacting the world of micropayments

With this new funding round, we aim to accelerate digitisation and innovation in the world of digital micropayments. Our CEO and co-founder, Xavier Sans, highlights the importance of designing comprehensive digital payment solutions focused on the user that are innovative, secure, and highly optimised to adapt to different types of businesses.

At Orain, we want to offer our customers and users the best shopping experience and cost-effective business management solutions. The support of Bonsai Partners and Actyus in this funding round reflects the recognition and faith in our ability to lead the transformation in the digitalisation of micropayments.

By providing comprehensive and flexible solutions, Orain positions itself as an attractive option for multi-sector companies looking to implement efficient and cost-effective digital payment systems.

In addition, we are expanding our international presence, including European markets, Latin America, and the Middle East. Our recent designation as the official payment method for the World Cup in Qatar demonstrates our growing recognition and penetration into new markets.


The funding round of 3 million euros led by Bonsai Partners marks a significant milestone in our journey. This investment will allow the company to strengthen its structure and accelerate its growth both nationally and internationally, consolidating our position as a leader in the digitisation of micropayments.

The digitisation of payment systems has become an imperative need in today's landscape and, at Orain, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. Our dedication to offering comprehensive, secure, and customised solutions, along with our ability to adapt to different business environments, makes us an attractive choice for companies from various sectors.

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