NFC Payments with Orain Tags: Innovation in the Shopping Experience

Published on 09/11/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

NFC Payments with Orain Tags: Innovation in the Shopping Experience

In the digital era, technology never ceases to surprise us with solutions that enhance the way we execute our daily transactions. One of the most remarkable advances in this field is the NFC payment technology, which has revolutionised the users shopping experience. In this article, we will delve into the details of NFC payments with Orain tags, exploring what it is, how it works and what are the main benefits and features of this technology.

What are NFC payments and How Do They Work?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a simple, fast and secure system that enables wireless data transfer over short distances between two devices. In the context of payments, NFC Tags are used for contactless transactions and operate through radio waves, eliminating the need for physical contact between the tag and the reader.

It’s much more than a simple payment system, it’s the ideal tool for unattended environments with recurring users. For example, it offers a great advantage to businesses that want to subsidise their employees' monthly consumption in their vending machines.

NFC tags are used in multiple sectors, from access control to facilities in offices or factories, payment and top-up services in vending machines, as loyalty cards at petrol stations, wristbands or key rings for gyms members, and even providing access to all facilities, services, and payments in hotels from a single point.

Benefits of NFC Payments with Orain Tags

  • Convenience: Payments with NFC Tags are really easy. You don't have to search for cash, cards or enter a PIN. You just need to bring your NFC Tag close to the reader and that's it.
  • Security: Security is paramount in NFC Tag payments. Information is transmitted securely and encrypted, minimising the risk of fraud.
  • Speed: Transactions with NFC Tags are quick and efficient. This reduces queuing times and streamlines the purchasing process.
  • Customer loyalty: Orain NFC Payments provide an excellent way to build customer loyalty. For example, petrol stations can offer loyalty cards to their customers with discounts on purchases made using this personalised NFC card.
  • Access control: In addition to payments, these NFC tags are used to control access to facilities in offices, gyms, and other places.
  • Cost-Effective: The use of NFC tags can be more economical than other payment methods. By eliminating the need for physical cards, costs are significantly reduced.

Features of NFC Payments with Orain IoT Payments Device

Orain offers the Orain IoT Payments Pro payment device, which uses NFC technology for user identification and seamless payment in self-service machines. By connecting to the Orain Management System, operators can analyse the purchasing habits of their customers, manage the credit of each NFC tag and access the history of all sales and top-ups made by users at each point of sale.

  • Real-time Data Telemetry: NFC payments enable real-time transaction tracking. By connecting the payment device to the Orain management system, the operator can analyse the purchasing habits of their customers, manage the credit of each NFC tag, and visualise the history of all sales and top-ups made per user at each point of sale. This information empowers merchants to make informed decisions to enhance their business.
  • Top-Up with Bank Card: Users can top-up their NFC tags with cash at the machine or using a bank card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay through the Orain IoT Payments Pro device. This streamlines credit management, making the process even more straightforward.
  • Personalised NFC Tags: At Orain, we offer custom NFC tags in different formats, such as PVC biodegradable material-produced NFC cards, NFC wristbands, and NFC keychains. They can also be customised with the operator's design and logo.

In summary, payments with NFC tags offer security, efficiency and convenience to users and merchants. They allow users to make purchases at any self-service machine with the Orain IoT Payments Pro device embedded, without the need to use traditional payment methods. In addition, Orain provides a range of customised solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Find out how Orain NFC tag payments can revolutionise the way you shop and pay at your self-service machines!

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