Benefits of Implementing a Contactless Payment System in a Laundromat

Published on 22/11/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Benefits of Implementing a Contactless Payment System in a Laundromat

In an increasingly digital world, the adoption of innovative technologies has become crucial for the survival and growth of businesses. Self-service laundries are no exception, and the implementation of a contactless payment system can make all the difference. 

Optimise Your Self-Service Laundromat with a Contactless Payment System

A contactless payment system in the laundromat allows for multiple payment options, from bank card payment, mobile payment via Google Pay or Apple Pay, NFC payments and QR payments through mobile apps. Accepting different payment methods brings multiple benefits for both users and laundromat owners. Below, let's explore the unexpected benefits that this technology can bring to your laundromat.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Contactless payment systems exponentially improve the user’s shopping experience. Customers can complete their transactions quickly and seamlessly, simply by bringing their bank card or mobile device close to the payment terminal. This not only streamlines the process, but also enhances the overall customer experience, creating a more pleasant and efficient environment.

  • Increased Frequency of Use

When friction is removed from the payment process, customers are more likely to use your services more frequently. Contactless payments reduce waiting times and make the act of doing laundry more efficient. As a result, customers may visit your laundry more often, increasing frequency of use and generating recurring revenue.

  • Facilitates Operational Management

The introduction of a contactless payment system not only benefits customers, but also facilitates operational management for laundromats owners. Contactless payments simplify the collection process and minimise the need to handle large amounts of cash. Currently, payment systems are linked to online management systems that provide real-time telemetry, valuable data and analysis for more informed management and decision-making.

  • User loyalty

In addition to contactless payment solutions, the integration of a mobile payment system through an app not only simplifies transactions, but also becomes a strategic tool for loyalty. The Orain mobile App offers the possibility to launch personalised campaigns and discounts based on the user's purchase history. Customers who regularly use the laundromat through the app can be rewarded with exclusive discounts, special promotions or even gifts. This strategy not only encourages continued use, but also makes users feel valued and appreciated.

  • Providing Additional Services

Contactless payment systems in laundromats enable owners to offer additional services, such as vending machines with detergents and soap, among other products. Vending machines with snacks and drinks or coffee machines for waiting time, all under the same payment ecosystem.

In summary, the implementation of a contactless payment system like Orain's in your self-service laundry goes beyond providing an efficient payment solution. It enhances the customer experience, encourages loyalty, improvement in daily operations and positions you at the forefront of the industry. Investing in this technology is not just about digitising the point of sale; it’s also a strategy to ensure the ongoing success of your business in an increasingly digital world.

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