Automatic Distribution: The Digitalisation of Traditional Points Of Sale

Published on 28/09/2023 by Miriam Roselló Vazquez

Automatic Distribution: The Digitalisation of Traditional Points Of Sale

Over the last decade, the vending sector has undergone a profound transformation due to digitalisation and the introduction of innovative payment systems. Traditionally, vending machines and other unattended points of sale were seen as limited means of distribution. However, with the advancement of technology, these devices have evolved to offer a more convenient and efficient experience for both users and operators. In this article, we delve into how automatic distribution has evolved thanks to digitalisation and payment systems such as Orain, which enables the integration of mobile payments, NFC and direct payment with bank cards, among others.

Digitalisation of vending machines:

Vending machines, including coffee vending machines and other unattended points of sale have been an integral part of the retail market for decades. Businesses have provided a swift solution to meet a variety of consumer needs, from food and beverages to personal care products. However, digitalisation has elevated this industry to a whole new level in both captive and public settings.

The integration of technology in the vending field has enabled greater process automation, resulting in greater operational efficiency and a better customer experience. Vending machines can be network-connected, allowing operators to monitor inventory in real time, manage provisioning more intelligently, as well as reduce cash handling. Moreover, they can automatically address issues and process refunds.

One of the highlights of digitalisation in the vending sector is the adoption of innovative payment systems such as those offered by Orain. Additionally, the ability to pay using various methods is a major draw for consumers. Orain's payment solutions and management system provide various options to facilitate fast and secure transactions at vending machines and other unattended points of sale.

Automatic Distribution with Orain Payment Systems:

  • Mobile Payment with the Orain Wallet App:
  • Orain allows users to make payments via their smartphone using its app. Customers simply connect to the machine via Bluetooth, select the product on the machine and can complete the transaction quickly and securely. This option is particularly appealing to the digital generation who are increasingly looking for contactless experiences. It also offers the operator the possibility to create campaigns and promotions to build loyalty or attract new customers.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) payments:
  • With NFC technology, users can make payments by simply bringing their NFC card, key fob, or compatible wristband close to the vending machine’s POS. This process is both quick and secure, with payment information being wirelessly transmitted over short distances.
  • Direct payment by bank card:
  • Another option available with Orain is direct payment by bank card. Users can present their card to the integrated POS within the vending machine to complete the purchase without the need to use cash.
  • QR Payment via external applications:
  • Orain also offers the option to make payments using QR codes via external applications, eliminating the need for cash.

Benefits of Digitalisation and Payment Systems

The digitalisation of traditional points of sale, such as vending machines, coupled with innovative payment systems, offers several benefits for both consumers and operators:

  • Increased Convenience for Users: Digital payment systems make the shopping experience faster and easier for users, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduced Cash Dependency: The integration of digital payments reduces the need for cash, which improves security and avoids issues related to the lack of change or the challenges of cash handling.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The digitalisation and use of payment systems in vending enable operators to manage inventory in-real time and remotely, resulting in more efficient stock management, reduced operational costs, and business optimisation.
  • The vending sector has been transformed by digitalisation and the adoption of innovative payment systems such as those offered by Orain. These technologies have led to greater operational efficiency and a more convenient purchase experience for users. The trend towards further automation and digitalisation in this field is only expected to grow in the future, which will surely open new business opportunities and provide an even more satisfying experience for consumers.

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